The Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson's story about a father who only wants to reclaim the love of his above average family is surprisingly realistic, deep, touching, overtly strange, relatable, and most likely could've been told in the time it took to write this sentence.

Featuring such blockbusters names like Danny Glover, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and even Ben Stiller, where could this movie go wrong?

Try a two hour run time.

Now I don't mean to be one to take a good movie and disrespect it by knitpicking, but I feel almost as if I need to justify taking up as much as your time as I can to tell you a basic and simple story while maintaining the same level of character development and emotional connection.

If I had to pick the best and worst parts of this movie I'd have to say this: The best part is how realistic the events, characters and story is portrayed in this movie. Save for the few times where you kind of scratch your head and wish that random shit happened this often to you, the actual story and emotion behind the offbeat event-list is spot on and allows everyone to connect to it.
The worst part of this movie is how bloody realistic it can be. Which includes those awkward moments inbetween suicide and a car crashing into the house that is just there to direct the plot in the right direction, and fill in the (already underlined) character depth.

It's like watching someone's life. Granted a life where random shit happens to more interesting people than anyone that I think has ever existed (excluding Genghis Khan of course). But still, it's the story of someone's life and the only prize for this two hour long story of an old man is when the loose ends to everyone's fucked up lives get concluded and resolution is clear. Personally, it's the strongest part of the movie because there's actual meaning behind it. (And not just cause it's a cheesy happiness).

But hey, at least it wasn't The Curious Case of Benjamen Button.

Rating 4/5 Stars

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