James Cameron's Grand Slam hit movie Avatar embraced theatres with its eye melting big screen graphics, which are only enhanced by the infinitely impressive technologies of the third dimension.

Let's look past the obvious, it was a ridiculous well crafted film. The world was beautiful, well thought out and the creatures would make any Author, Sci-Fi Nerd, or Biologist weep with excitement. The acting done by the main leads Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez and Stephen Lang (etc etc) were not only well portrayed, but the characters balanced the story of the movie near perfectly.

Walking out of the theatre straight after the movie it is really easy to see why someone would see this movie upwards of 5 times in theatres. Everything came together perfectly. A little too perfectly if you ask me...

Here's what I caught of the story.
A group from Earth arrives at a strange new world where they were sent to mine for gold. I'm sorry, I meant unobtainium. Common mistake. Aboard this crew is an ex-marine named Jake Sully. He joins researches and ventures out into this new world in his Avatar (a biologically engineered version of the natives which he can drive).

Long story short, Jake Sully manages to separate from the group and isolate himself within this strange world where he runs into a native Na'vi. This female is named Neytiri is the daughter of the chief of the tribe. John Smith, I mean Jake Sully follows her and they run into Tsu'Tey, the best warrior of the tribe and Neytiri's future husband. Neytiri convinces Tsu'Tey to not kill Jake Sully and instead they take them back to the tribe where the Chief Eytucan would rather kill him. Instead the psychic consults with the Tree of Spirits; Grandmother Willow. Wait, that isn't right. I meant to say the psychic consults with the Spirit of HomeTree Eywa and decides that their daughter, Princess Neytiri shall teach John Smith their ways. I meant Jake Sully. You know what? Let's just call him JS from here on out.

Well Neytiri and JS spend a lot of time together now as she teaches him how to hunt like them and dress and walk like them and how to appreciate the value of the nature around them and the spirits of ancestors past, and how to see the colors of the wind and all that. Naturally, with all this time spent together they happen to become quite close to one another and end up falling love.

Which pisses off Kocoum the warrior, because they were supposed to be mated together. Well with JS's involvement in the tribe the military has learned some tactics to attack the natives which they implement to the full extent causing ripples in the tribe and a sudden distrust between JS and Neytiri.

I'm not one to spoil the ending of movies for people so let's run through this really quick. Chief Powhatan dies. Trust is remade between JS and the people, Kocoum fights along side of JS, when he once tried to kill him out of jealousy. There's a lot of fighting and explosions and Kocoum dies from the settlers. Well pretty much everyone dies except for John Smith and Pocahontas, who live happily ever after within the spirit of nature. And the settlers learn a valuable lesson about life.
Well you know what I meant.

4/5 Stars

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