Dragonball: Evolution

Setting:... well actually I'm not quite sure of that. It's like high tech gizmos in kung fu times and well... let's come back to this.

Rather than going through the entire movie and listing out what happens and how it is wrong, let's go through all the things I felt were actually pretty well done, or were fairly accurate.

Goku's name was Goku.
There were 7 dragonballs.
You can revive people with kameha-... wait no. No you can't.
Roshi was a pervert.
Piccolo was green...
Chichi was hot?

Okay let's face facts here. This movie strayed so far from concepts of Dragonball that at times it was hard to remember what the movie was based on. When talking about the movie in an independent sense (say it wasn't based on anything), I might've actually liked it. Cheesy acting, cheesy fighting, explosions. All good stuff. But the sheer reminder of how off the mark it was makes it lack luster. Granted, the concept of ki leaving the body is flashy, and the fight scenes were pretty well done (to a point). But that old faithful feeling of Dragonball then comes rushing back and bitch slaps you across the face. Which makes you wonder, Why the hell did I watch this whole movie to the end?

... And then you see Chichi and you remember.

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