Kick Ass

I have to hand it to Matthew Vaughn & Jane Goldman, it's incredibly refreshing to finally see a movie that's not a remake of some old movie no one has seen in years, or a recreation of a popular superhero back in the way. It's nice to see a new idea.

Not great. Don't push it, let's leave it at nice.
But it did surprise me.
What I thought was another teenage comedy movie about an awkward teenager (Aaron Johnson) who wants to be a superhero but is so under trained that he somehow ironically defeats supervillians turned out to be a realistic (ha) movie about a boy who wants to be a superhero, realizes that it takes more than just flailing beating sticks. It's about training, ability and a shit load of weaponry. The cheesy owl/bat man costume is totally optional (Nicholas Cage).

The movie sheds light on that commonly debated idea of what it means to be a hero. And in his own way the super hero named Kick Ass (Johnson) learns that lesson well and experiences the exact life of a hero, pain and all. But emerges a stronger and better individual all in the process of becoming said hero.

It would've been better, if there wasn't that overhanging atmosphere of a cheesy superbad comedy lingering over every transition scene. It would've been better had they just removed the half-assed comedy from it and made the main character less of a Michael Cera.

Though it is kind of funny to see a little girl act in a movie that she probably won't be able to see for a good number of years yet.

3/5 Stars

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