Director Gregor Jordan took Peter Woodward's writings and turned it into a movie.

Which sucked.

When I first saw Samuel L. Jackson step in as Henry Herald "H" Humphries, I thought this movie was going to be so killer. So action packed, and so thriller that I was going to need a box of tissues for my eyes and my pants by the end.
I was half right.

The movie centered around an American born terrorist who has planted 3 nuclear bombs in cities across the United States, set to detonate in a few days time. The short of it is, the military captures him and is trying to get information from him. But he won't speak. The solution? Good Cop, Bad Cop.

Carrie-Anne Moss plays Agent Helen Brody, brought into the site to help determine the location of the bombs. Which she feels would be best found by asking him to tell her. Meanwhile Samuel L. Jackson reinforces the bad cop ideology by cutting his fingers off.

I'm serious. This movie is an hour and a half of H torturing the terrorist. So while this gritty torturing goes on, the movie tides us over by trying to convince us there's a struggle of philosophy waging war. The choice of importance between the lives of millions or the ethics of torturing one man. Which only spirals deeper and deeper into a fray when H drags not only the man's wife, but his kids into the torture as well.

And when the chaos finally clears and resolution is nearly in sight, right when you're ready to see how it all ends, the movie ends. Nothing is resolved. Nothing is clear. Is this deep? Maybe in bullshit.

2/5 Stars

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