Shutter Island

You ever have a really good cake?
I mean, not just any cake. But like a, "I get chills just from sinking my teeth into the deepest, treacherous, sexiest, moist plunges of this delightful treat." kind of like.
Except the cake is a movie and the sexy, moist plunges are mind fucks.
The movie Shutter Island directed by Martin Scorsese is like cake. It follows a very traditional and almost predictable plot type, but the ingredients used in the cake/movie hybrid monster are so good that it makes it exceptionally grand.

The movie focuses around Detective Teddy Daniels, played by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. Teddy and his partner are called into a criminal mental institution in order to investigate a case of a missing inmate. After some search work and clue finding, the detective must struggle with the case, the torments of the island and the eerie motives behind the helpful faces of the prison.

Sounds like every kind of detective movie there is. Really, the only thing this one needed was a fat chief behind a desk waving a gun around telling Daniels about how far he strays from the book. But the atmosphere the movie creates builds onto the simply lovable detective plot.

And if my cake metaphor wasn't enough to convince you to watch this movie. The twist at the end will.

5/5 Stars

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